::: Rules & Regulations Cum Terms & Conditions :::
(Individual / Group Tour for International / Outbound)
The Guest and other persons accompanying the guest are hereby requested to go through the Terms & Conditions meticulously before filling and signing the registration form since each of them shall be bound by the same.
Guest Signature on the Registration Form :
The terms & conditions, Guest’s signature on the Registration form and acknowledging the Terms & Conditions / Rules & Regulation together payment of initial registration amount received thereof shall constitute a contract between the parties and same shall be binding upon them.
Be it noted that if the Guest alone sign the registration form on behalf of the persons accompanying the guest, it shall be construe that they have authorized the guest to sign on their behalf and thereby shall deemed to have been bound by the same together with the guest.
Guest intention to participate in the schedule Tour :
Filling the Registration form with the payment of initial registration amount just indicate Guest’s intention to participate in the tour together with accompanying persons but do not entitled to any services unless full tour cost has been paid by the guest and acknowledged by the “CHALO JAAI TRAVEL CLUB”.
Minimum no of tourist booking the schedule : [International Group Tour]
The group tour shall commence only if number of intending tourists exceeding 20 and total tour package cost has been received by CHALO JAAI TRAVEL CLUB, at least 20 calendar days prior to the schedule departure date, otherwise tour may be merged with the other tour.
In case of group tour, all intending tourist must travel together in the tour, unless all otherwise agreed upon in advanced.
Travel Documents :
Identity Card : Aadhar Card / Passport / Voter Card.
Passport :  Passport and VISA is mandatory while travelling abroad. Guest is to ensure that validates of passport is minimum 180 days from the date of journey and arrival of the tour with sufficient blank pages for recording the visas in respective countries.
Loss of Passport : Guest and his accompanying persons shall be careful of their passport, as loss of passport during the tour involves severe costs and harassments and have to borne by the guest. Tour Manager would not be responsible or liable or under obligation for such loss of passport. In such situation, if the tourist compelled to postpone or cancel the tour, then no amount shall be refunded for the remaining part of the tour by the said club.
VISA-International Tours: CHALO JAAI TRAVEL CLUB (hereinafter referred to as the said club) will only assists in obtaining travel documents like visas etc. submitting, forwarding to the respective Embassies or Consulates of the country. Be it noted that issues of VISA is absolute discretion of the concerned authority and as such Chalo Jaai Travel Club is no way responsible or liable for delay or refusal of VISA by the concerned authority.
Health: The guest and his accompanying persons should as certain of their physical &medical fitness to undertake the tour.The tourists who have suffered from any ailments and under domiciliary medical treatment and /or hospitalized till recently have to undertake that they are availing the tour at his / her own risk. In the case of health emergency during the tour the guest will be sole responsible for the same and to make their own arrangement for the medical assistance and related expenses. The guest should not expect the tour leader to provide full time attention to him alone since he has other guests to attend to continue the tour.
Insurance: Guests are advised to acquire adequate insurance policy and Insurance cover to meet medical expenses, accident etc. during the entire tour .
Liability & responsibility of said club :
Tour package cost include :
  1. Breakfast / Dinner or Breakfast /Lunch / Dinner [As per Schedule Tour itinerary].
  2. Sightseeing as per authentic schedule tour program provided by the said club. 
  3. Accompanying in twin sharing rooms in reputed hotel, for extra person shared the same room provided with extra Bed/Mattress/Cot or paid extra for another twin sharing room & Transportation etc.
Tour Package cost does not include :
  1. Train Tickets / Air Tickets / Bus Tickets [Except Bangladesh].
  2. Goods & Service Tax Extra on Principal Package Cost & TCS applicable on Foreign Currency.
  3. During the train journey food will not be provided by us.
  4. Since the said club is not providing Tickets and same is not included in the Tour cost.
  5. Porter charges, tips, entry fees for camera, charges for pony or Dundy, cable car, helicopter ticket, boating, laundry charges or others charges of personal in nature etc.
  6. Cost of medical treatment or medicines if any.
  7. After registration of tour increase of any fare, tariff etc. will be borne by guest and his accompanying tourist and such additional amount to be paid before the date of journey.
  8. Additional cost of food, water bottles etc. will not be provided by the said club due to delay in running of the train / Air / bus.
Rules of Cancellation of tour and refund thereof …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
The said club is functioning as an agent of the guest and his accompanying person for booking of their ticket, accommodation, transportation etc. in advance upon payment to their outside service providers, hence cancellation of services results losing money of the said club depending upon the time of communication of cancellation to outside service providers under situation
Booking Money: 30% of the Principal Package Money/Total Tour Cost [Per head] to be deposited at the time of Booking.
Based on the above amongst other factors cancellation charges are applicable as follows :
Number of days before departure from the date of receipt of your cancellation Amount of Cancellation charge in % on the Total Tour price must be paid by the Guest(s) Amount of Cancellation charge in % on the Total Tour price must be paid by the Guest(s)
More than 121 days Registration Amount Adjusted with another same package value Tour subject to availability Registration Amount Adjusted with another same package value Tour subject to availability
120 Days – 90 Days before Journey Date 10% on Principal Package Cost Rest Amount adjusted with Same package value Tour subject to availability 10% on Principal Package Cost Rest Amount adjusted with Same package value Tour subject to availability
89 Days – 61 Days before Journey Date 25% on Principal Package Cost 25% on Principal Package Cost
60 Days – 31 Days before Journey Date 50% on Principal Package Cost 50% on Principal Package Cost
30 Days – 16 Days before Journey Date 75% on Principal Package Cost 75% on Principal Package Cost
15 Days – 01 Days before Journey Date 100% on Principal Package Cost 100% on Principal Package Cost
On the day of Departure [NO SHOW] 100% on Principal Package Cost 100% on Principal Package Cost
  1. No refund in tour price will be allowed for the untravelled portion of the tour either sickness or any other reasons.
  2. No cancellation of booking or any changes including cancellation of Tour if any is not acceptable or entertained over telephone.
  3. Cancellation charges shall be applicable from the date of acknowledgement of the cancellation letter through post or by mail from the guest annexed with Money Receipt issued by the said club within office hours. 
  4. Please note that the intending tourists are not eligible for “Any Interest” on the refund amount on cancellation for his/her own predicament.
  5. The said club is not liable for the additional expenditure if any incurred by the guest / tourist directly.
  6. Booking after cancellation will be treated as fresh booking for all purpose.
  7. If any of the participating tourist intends to stay back, must do so at his / her own expenses and subject to submission on full particulars of his / her revised itinerary.
  8. If a passenger is not allowed to board/travel in a flight/Train for whatsoever reason in the event the said club is not responsible and liable for any refund since there is no latches on the part of the said club.
  9. To operate the tour successfully for the interest of the tourist the Tour Manager may change the program. Decision of the Tour Manager is final & tourist to abide the same during the tour.
  10. Suffice is to mention that in case of international tour if the VISA is refused by the concerned authority, the tourists are liable to pay the said amount.
  11. Please do not request for the consideration of “CANCELLATION RULES”.
       Journey by bus and accommodation and other Rules & Regulations:
  1. The said club provides comfortable vehicles / coach wherein seat no. is provided, those seats will be provided to the tourist on rotation basis.
  2. Rooms and Hotels are allotted to tourist on lottery basis except some destinations like Manas Sarovor Yatra etc. any request otherwise by the tourist may not be entertained.
  3. Agreed package cost may increase in case of fuel cost of Transportation increase after booking.
  4. Agreed package cost may increase if charges implemented by the government body of that particular Country.
  5. However, efforts are made to the request of the elder’s senior citizen and / or disabled tourist, co-operation of the tourist in this regard are solicited.
  6. Under any incidents occurs or under any adverse situation happens due to misbehaviors or any acts of illegals or unsocial acts on the part of any tourist, the tour manager is empowered to take appropriate decisions thereof and all the tourist are bound by the same.
  7. In case of Single occupancy, one has to borne the full amount of the double room otherwise can share the room with another one if could be found one subject to both parties consent.
  8. In case the tour is extended beyond the schedule days under any unavoidable circumstances without any latches or negligence the part of the said club in such circumstances extra expenditure incurred have to borne by the tourists and to be paid to the tour manager during the tour Itself.
  9. Cancellation process will be confirmed after submission of the Advance voucher / Final Voucher at our office. For those who reside outside of Kolkata, may convey the cancellation of booking by mail or Whatsapp message only, but refund will be made once the voucher is refunded at our office.
  10. Tourists are requested to carry 22” to 24” suit case and one small hand bag to avoid cost for extra luggage and the said club would not be responsible for the same.
  11. Enrollment of Child Tourist is mandatory. Tourists are advice to carry the documents with regard to proof of age of the children for verification if necessary.
  12. The Passengers who are travailing by other mode of transport (Other than Train), They are not eligible for refund any amount, in case of tour is deferred/postponed due to cancellation of Train by the Railway Authority or by the airline Authority.
  13. Tourists must provide the voter card, Aadhar card, Passport at the time of registration. All the tourists are requested to carry photo identity card during the tour.
  14. Be it noted that luggages should be handled and taken care by the tourist himself / themselves at all the Railway Stations and Airports.
  15. The tour manager or the staff members of the said club are not liable or responsible to fix the porter charges in the Railway stations / Airports. 
  16. The said club is not liable or responsible for the train / flight delayed, cancelled or reschedule for whatsoever reasons.
  17. Any sightseeing could not be covered or attended and or the programme curtailed due to sudden notices issued by the concerned authorities after commencement of the tour.
  18. Any personal injury, sickness, accident, loss of personal belongings, baggage’s including burglary etc.
  19. Standard Check in time at hotels 02:00 PM and check out times 12:00 HRS., However some hotels might be exceptionals.
  20. All cancellation requests to be entertained between 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  21. In case of any unfortunate death or serious injury of any guest or his accompanying persons during the Tour, due procedure/formalities shall have to be taken care by the guest, as because Tour manager and other Tourist are bound by the schedule itinerary, under this situation the said club is not responsible for incurred additional expenditure for the purpose.
Rescheduling of tour due to factors beyond control / without any negligence.
The said club reserve its right to reschedule the tour and or changes the itinerary due to reasons beyond their control and under such event no refund is applicable to such situation vis-à-vis guest and his accompanying persons have to abide by the new schedule / itinerary, Fine, penalties etc. if any charged by the Railway, Airport, Airline authority or Govt. of India will be borne by the guest and the said club is no way liable for such additional expenditure.
No Show :
If the guest or any of his accompanying person fails to join the tour on the schedule day, same will be treated as “No show” and no refund is available for the other services and all the services would stand cancelled for “No show”.
Force majeure – unavoidable:
The said club shall be excused from performance or punctual performance of any of terms and  conditions / service / tour or part there of as above, if the performance there of is prevented or delayed by any reasonable control and without any latches of the said club which shall include acts of Gods, wars, accident, embargo,  terror attacks, Coup, strike, natural calamities or natural disaster situation like recent unexpected pandemic - COVID-19 requisition (act of Government) or delays) negligence in the performance of independent services provider, like Airline, Trains etc. caused by any such circumstances as referred herein. Any additional cost / expenditures incurred by said club for the service provider to the travelers / tourist during the force measure event, shall be borne or paid by the travelers / tourist.
All disputes with respect to these terms and conditions, the tour and service shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Court in Kolkata only.
Upon putting signature / singing the registration form upon payment of registration charges or, cost of the tour these terms and conditions shall be binding upon both the said club and the guest along with accompanying tourist and shall became the only basis of relation between the parties herein.
Others :
The said club reserves their right to terminate the contract and/or cancel any tour due to reasons beyond their control, prior to commencement of the tour without assigning any reason thereof.                                 
In such situation the said club will book those tourists on a different tour date. In case, the alternate tour date appears not suitable or acceptable to the tourists with valid reasons, the said club will refund money paid by the tourists excluding cost of Visa fees and other actual expenses, however, without bearing any interest within 90 days from the date of alternative tour date. 
However, if the guest/tourist cancelled the tour without accept the offer of the said club as stated herein above the said club would not liable or responsible to pay any damages or substantial loss or any other expenditure incurred by the tourist/guest himself in connection with the tour.
Besides all above, please also note that none of the employee of the said club or the tourist/s has the authority to alter, amend of their own any terms & conditions setforth in this document.
Tourists are earnestly requested to get clarified (if any) about all terms & conditions on or before registration till commencement of the tour.
I/we have gone to the aforesaid rules and regulation and terms and condition of the schedule tour organized by the said club and have understood the contents purport thereon.